How to Ace Online Aptitude Assessments

How to Ace Online Aptitude Assessments

The world has changed significantly due to the coronavirus pandemic. There is an increased acceptance of remote work. As the unemployed, as well as the underemployed, can dream to work for any company in the world from the comfort of their homes, many find themselves in the midst of recruitment processes. 

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Alongside, Covid-19 brought with it a lot of changes to what recruiters find valuable. For example, recruiters now prioritize people’s ability to navigate through remote-working productivity tools like Zoom much more than they used to previously. 

In this scenario, where many are applying for jobs and need to impress in new ways to do so, there is a huge dearth of information when it comes to practices that will land you your dream jobs. Responsively, we have been writing a series of articles that highlight how to best prepare for different steps in the recruitment process. 

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Today, we will shed the spotlight on aptitude assessments – one of the most important steps in getting any cognitively demanding role. We will be listing down steps you should take if you want to ace these assessments. 

Get a Quality Internet Connection

Gone are the days when aptitude tests used to happen in examination halls. Now, the tables have turned and aptitude tests take place in the comfort of the applicants’ homes on their respective laptop screens using the internet. 

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If you are in the recruitment process for a job you really like, the last thing you would want is to have spotty internet. Here is why: every second counts in an aptitude test, and your net going away for even a moment can impact your marks on it and, thus the hiring manager’s decision about you. 

If you do not currently have an internet connection that is up to the mark, our advice would be to subscribe to a plan from any of the reliable internet providers; any of the AT&T internet plans will work just fine, for example. 

Find Out What Kind of Test It Is

After ensuring that you have a reliable internet connection at your disposal, you need to go ahead and decipher exactly which aptitude test you are being asked to take. And yes, aptitude tests do vary in their types as well as lengths. 

While some aptitude tests are merely 15 minutes long, there are others that are much longer than that, as their time duration surpasses multiple hours. When it comes to testing style, many like the criteria Cognitive Assessment Test have multiple choice questions while others like Cognify have tests that make takers feel like they are playing a game while actually having their cognitive capabilities assessed. 

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You can find out which test you are going to be taking from the employer that asked you to take the test in the first place. Oftentimes, the online link of the test is sent to you well in advance of when you are supposed to take it. In these situations, you can simply open the link to see what type of assessment it is. 

Take a Test-Preparation Course

Once you have figured out which test is it that you are going to be taking, it is high time for you to sign up for a preparation course for that test. Yes, they do cost you a sizeable chunk of cash but they are very worth it! They enable you to watch lectures full of useful tips and tricks on how to ace the exam. 

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Trying to effectively increase your aptitude for the time you are taking the assessment is indeed challenging. Thus, jot down all the tips you get out of those lectures so that you can easily implement them when actually performing the assessment.


Now that you have gotten all the tips on how to ace the test, it is time for you to implement those tips in practice tests. These mock assessments give you the opportunity to be in the shoes of a person who is actually taking the final assessment. Thus, when you do actually end up taking the test, you will feel significantly less pressure as you will be familiar with the time constraints as well as the stress. 

After you have taken the tests, assess your strengths and weaknesses. This analysis will help in two ways. It will tell you what types of questions you need to practice more – ones that you are weak at. Secondly, you will get to know which questions you should never skip on the actual exam – ones you are strong at. 

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Many preparation courses also tell you the solutions to the questions on the practice exams once you are done with them. Make sure you completely grasp the solutions, as that improves your performance next time.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article will help you ace your test and land a lucrative and enjoyable job as soon as possible! Best of luck with your job search and all the rest of your endeavours!

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