Top Memes of All Time

Top Memes of All Time

What do awkward social situations, political events, and everyday human mistakes have in common?

They all have memes made after them (or have the potential to become memes). But what are the Top Memes of All Time?

People continue to create new memes in response to the ever-evolving game most humans call life, so it becomes quite a challenge when you try to remember them all. 

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Luckily, this article eases that burden and highlights the top memes every internet user should know…forever.

Say goodbye to “no thoughts, head empty,” and say hello to “my brain recording cringe memories!”

Top Memes of All Time

1. Success Kid

Remember this kid? You may also know him as “I Hate Sandcastles.”

Success Kid meme dates all the way back to 2007. Ah, a real oldie, especially since it primarily spread through MySpace. Regardless, you can use this meme any time to celebrate small, yet meaningful wins. 

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Passed that test? Awesome!

Made that phone call? Great!

Successfully cooked dinner without setting off the fire alarm? Perfect!

Use Success Kid to hype up all of your little successes throughout the day.

2. Rickroll

“Never gonna give you, never gonna let you down…”

Another 2007 meme!

Yes, yes, Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” originally aired in 1987, but 2007 brought about the still-common phenomenon: Rickrolling. 

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As such, this meme remains a classic, a light roast, for those no-duh moments. 

3. Is This a…?

Fast-forward to 2011 and you have a meme from a 1991 anime Taiyou no Yuusha Fighbird (Brave of the Sun Fighbird).

Yet, this meme only reaches peak popularity in 2018: when people learn that they can replace images and text to fit their own social needs/situations.

Use this meme to exemplify your confusion, ignorance, and/or obliviousness to any, what-should-be, common knowledge instances. Because what better way to bond than over blissful ignorance?

Personalize your own “Is This a…?” with a meme maker!

4. This Is Fine

Now, you can find this meme in many different variations such as a dog with coffee in a burning room, or a dog amidst countless toilet paper rolls. Either way, the dog tells you, “This is fine,” because sometimes, life gets so overwhelming, that you just have to roll with the punches.


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Whip out this meme when procrastination lays its stake in you and you now only have one day to accomplish one month’s work, become the multitasked master, or feel existence’s bone-crushing toll a little harder than usual. 

5. Evil Kermit

Or should you say… Constantine?

This meme originates from Muppets Most Wanted, designed to poke fun at various insecurities, procrastination, and unhelpful urges. 

Relate to this meme whenever you put anything off for whatever reason.

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For example:

Are taxes due, soon? Nah, you can put them off. Binge-watch some Netflix, instead.

The Evil Kermit meme format would look something like this:

Me: I should organize my records/files for tax season.

Me to me: To Netflix. Now.

Me: But…

Me to me: NOW.

Who needs an angel and a devil on their shoulders, when you’ve got Evil Kermit?

Top Memes Coming to an End

For every moment, there is a meme.

Obviously, numerous memes parade the internet, with new viral ones out each season (often sooner). Yet, only a select few make it to the top, to forever embed the internet users’ memories. 

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Top memes stay at the top for their timelessness, versatility, and relatability. 

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