Best Online Real time HTML Editor

10 Best Online Real time HTML Editor

Most of us are not born computer engineers. We all are learners, and coding is vast! We can be good at Java, C, C++, but we might not be good at HTML coding or CSS or codes involving Java Script.

There is several free and paid online real time html editor that can help you to work on a web page without having much knowledge of HTML coding. All you need to do is to change the component in the result page, and the editor will generate the code for the same. In this article, you will be learning about the 10 best online real time HTML editor. But before that let’s understand what real-time HTML editor is?

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Real time HTML editor: Real-time online HTML editor runs directly in your web browser and is a perfect tool for HTML coding. The real-time HTML editors are equipped enough to dynamically refresh themselves as you write and change the mark-up.

Moreover, Online or real-time HTML editors are portable and compatible with every machine as far as you have a good internet connection. The last but the best thing about real-time HTML editors are that they don’t require any kind of installation or configuration.

What is real time html editor?

Online Real time HTML Coding Editor

1. Sqaurefree

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This real-time HTML code editor allows you to add HTML code and lets you see the output in another half of the screen. It is an excellent source for programmers as it saves valuable time and makes coding more comfortable and is one of the best tools to enhance the customer’s web experience. You can know more about it over here.

2. HTML Instant

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When you are using this online code editor. All you need to do is to start typing in the left frame, and it will update the output in real-time to the right frame. Moreover, the HTML Instant, now, Supports Zen-Coding. Zen coding is basically a speedy way to write HTM/CSS code. You can know more about it over here.

3. W3Schools Online Code Editor

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Using W3Schools online code editor you can edit HTML, CSS and JavaScript code, and view the result in your browser. You can control the size of the window with the bar in between the panes. The window to the left is editable, i.e. it can be used to edit the code and then you can click on the “Run” button to view the result in the right window. You can learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript, all, by using the single online editor. You can know more about it over here.

4. Sololearn

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With Sololearn you can learn to code for free. It offers a code playground that provides an easy way to write HTML and CSS codes. You can also download the application from Google Play Store or App store, or you can directly sign up on the web, and you can start coding. You can know more about it over here.


[browser-shot url=”″ width=”800″ height=”450″]

This online HTML code editor is created by nbashaw. It is easy to to use the editor. It provides an easy way to write HTML and CSS codes. It offers an environment for experimenting with JavaScript. Using this editor, you can write, run, and examine the results of the system that interacts with the web pages. You can know more about it over here.

6. Liveweave

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It is an easy to use and a functional HTML, CSS and JavaScript online HTML code editor. It is free to use and comes with a lot of amazing features along with a various number of templates to make it easy to get going.

It is an ideal online editor for practising HTML or just trying out new ideas. Using this online HTML code editor, you can download your progress anytime. You can know more about it over here.

7. Codepen

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This online HTML code editor can be used with teams, for education and for writing purpose. It can be used for HTML, CSS, and JAVA Scripts. This online editor offers privacy and supports upload of any file like an image, pdf, JavaScript, CSS, or even a small movie file. It comes with various exciting features such as an automatic pre-processing, file uploading, and deploying the website. By using this online HTML code editor, you can see the output of your code on multiple devices and computers.

Codepen comes with a professor mode that provides extra features like sharing code and real-time production with students and group chat. Starters can go for the free plan, but if you want to unlock some other exiting features then you can also go for the

  • Annual Starter: $8 per month.
  • Annual Developer: $12 per month.
  • Annual Super: $26 per month.
  • For Teams: $12 per month per member.

You can know more about it over here.

8. JSFiddle

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It is an online HTML editor that supports HTML, CSS, and JAVA Script. Here is the interesting fact, the Code snippets in JSFiddle are called as Fiddles. It is easy to use and also provides support to JavaScript frameworks. This online HTML editor allows you to select different versions or types of language. It is free to use where JavaScript allows you to load the library. You can know more about it over here.

9. JS Bin

[browser-shot url=”,css,js,output” width=”800″ height=”450″]

This online HTML code editor supports HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and offers features like auto ending brackets, highlighting brackets, etc. It easy to use and works fast. One of the significant benefits of using this editor is that it supports keyboard shortcuts. Moreover, using this HTML code editor, you can export your HTML code to a text file, and it will show users the real-time output for their systems. Some other exciting and jaw-dropping features include code casting and custom starting code.

It comes with a free edition as well as pros can unlock the premium features by purchasing the pro version that starts from $130 yearly or $17 monthly. You can know more about it over here.

10. CSSDesk HTML Editor

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It is an online HTML code editor that provides support for real-time coding with many people. It provides support for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and supports the creation, watching and code casts. Basically, code cast is the recording of the code typed in the editor. This online platform allows you to share your work on Twitter and Facebook and provides help for the test cases.

You can sign up for free, but to get access to more advanced features, you might have to contact the CSSDesk HTML Editor Team. You can know more about it over here.


To sums up the best real time html editor. The best thing is that you can easily use these editors and doesn’t require much prior knowledge in the field of HTML. CSS or JavaScript Coding. In my opinion, Codepen is the best and my personal favourite among these 10 editors. It comes with extra amazing features and also, if you need help with your code then the Codepen team provides support through Spectrum chat. Interesting! Right? Do let us know about your favourite real time html editor.

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