Social Media Video Marketing

Social Media Video Marketing — What to Focus on in 2021

Any individual involved with the day-to-day running of an e-commerce enterprise will have a comprehensive idea of keeping up with the latest marketing trends. Most e-commerce entrepreneurs find it essential to stay a step ahead of their market rivals. The latest digital innovation coupled with the abundance of the internet and data influences people to consume videos round the clock and Social Media Video Marketing is the best way to do it.

Those who have marketing pedigree consider this a potential channel to penetrate greater consumer markets- by adapting their strategies to marketing. However, it’s also necessary to mention that maintaining consistency in video production without a care for their quality won’t make any difference to your ultimate goal.

Social Media Video Marketing

Social Media Video Marketing

If you are a newcomer to the whole concept of online video marketing, you must develop a detailed understanding before making the changes. This means you must begin by understanding online video marketing and then cover all the current video trends. Here’s a detailed breakdown of all the top video marketing trends you need to know about in 2021.

1. Video Usage in 2021

It is necessary to mention that the usage of online videos is at the top of video marketing trends today. As per video marketing statistics, a mammoth 85% of the total e-commerce landscape invested in online video marketing in one way or another last year. To put this into context, this is a gross 24 percentage point jump from the numbers recorded four years back in 2016- when about 61 per cent of the e-commerce businesses considered video marketing as their method for gaining customers online.

Suppose you are considering including the latest video marketing trends into your online video marketing strategy. In that case, the first thing you must do is evaluate the primary purposes of video marketers.

A simple Google search will tell you that the top video trends presently include explainer videos, which nearly 72 per cent of marketers prefer. This is further followed by presentation videos with 49 per cent-marketers, testimonial videos with 48 percent, and sales videos and video ads with 42 percent each.

2. The Live Stream Boom on Mobiles

Then again, you must also search for the kind of videos that are generally appealing to the audience. In other words, you must essentially find out what type of video is hot today on the internet. For example, you will realize that live streaming has become quite a rage in video marketing trends in 2021.

If you want to breakdown down the statistical metrics of this video marketing trend, here are some numbers to satisfy your curiosity. The latest statistics on all reliable platforms tell that the global streaming market has been growing at a record rate in recent years.

The overall market valuation stood at $161.37 billion last year. This is a massive 55 percent year-over-year increase from its annual market valuation of $104.11 billion in 2019. As per experts and analysts, the market will only grow in the upcoming years and be arguably one of the most influential and popular video marketing trends of the year.

3. More Short-Form Videos

Moving on from live streaming, it is noteworthy that short-form videos will also dominate the e-commerce landscape for online video marketing trends in 2021. However, it won’t determine that the particular video marketing trend has emerged as a winning advertising technique with the unreal growth of TikTok as a force and the recent launch of Instagram Reels.

There have been a few noises in the market that Instagram plans to develop its Reels as a video content platform. The likely changes will include enhanced video editing tools, monetization opportunities for content creators, improved look, and the commercial market for selling and buying directly.

Then again, very few things are left to say about Tiktok- the application has successfully broken the internet and has driven social media to the next level. All in all, if you want to connect with the audience on the internet, short-form, energetic and fast-paced videos can help you to make your online video marketing efforts efficient and rewarding.

4. Top Video Trends: User-Generated Video Content

First-timer or not, you must realize that user-generated content can be highly beneficial when developing online marketing strategies- this is where video content makes a triumphant contribution. Several market studies and researches have stated that user-generated video content tops the list of video marketing trends in 2021.

Factually speaking, user-generated videos on popular video streaming platforms such as YouTube achieve ten times more views than branded content. Furthermore, the studies have also stated that users who arrive at any site via User-generated content spend a considerably large chunk of time on the site.

Moreover, there’s hardly any doubt that user-generated video content does a fine job of translating users into sales. Statistically, you have a 184% chance of landing users on your e-commerce site via video user-generated content with the potential for a sale. And they typically spend about 45% more time as well. This will benefit those who have a business, can brand their business or involvements in industries influenced by user opinions- such as travel and health and beauty.

5. More Online Training and Educational Videos

Finally, the global health crisis has also left its mark on the online video marketing scene. Not only has the pandemic forced employees to operate remotely, but it has also compelled students to adapt to a digital academic environment. As a result, a massive one billion students and counting worldwide are studying from home, essentially from a digital screen.

This is why it won’t be inappropriate to state that e-learning is poised to be the biggest video marketing trend of 2021. People with insight and knowledge will agree that the current pandemic has encouraged the e-learning market to endure a huge surge. You will see the overall market value shoot up to almost half a billion due to this massive growth.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it only fits to admit that there are a few more trends for online video marketing that deserve your attention. However, the points mentioned above contribute adequately to make a clear picture. Therefore, you must follow them to excel with your marketing campaigns online this year.

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