Golden Tips on How to Write an Essay

Golden Tips on How to Write an Essay

What constitutes a quality essay introduction? If you ask some, you will hear all the reasons why you should start with a hook and use all the flowery language to set a mood for your paper. Others still will advise you to cut off the frippery and jump into the facts, as an academic essay is not a blog. 

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While both parties speak some sense, neither of these bandwagons resolves the conundrum many students face when writing essays. This article will, therefore, analyze golden tips to write an essay introduction, overcoming the challenges faced by students, and hooking your reader into your work. 

After reading this article, we will help you overcome the surrender often showcased by students as they buy essays cheap to avoid the arduous chore of writing an introduction.

Tips for Writing a compelling essay introduction

  1. Write the introduction last

Remember when your elementary teacher advised that you leave the challenging questions for later? This approach is equally effective when it comes to essay writing. 

Often, the introduction may cause you a ton of confusion, causing you to waste much of the time you had been allotted for the essay. Therefore, we recommend that you start with other sections of your essay and come back to the introduction after you have finalized these bits. 

By doing this, you will have a clear idea of the concepts you information that are crucial for this chapter. Also, you will avoid the risk of including irrelevant information in the introduction, ensuring coherence between the ideas within the introduction and the body. 

  1. Prepare an outline for the introduction

Also worth noting is the potency of an outline for your introduction woes. When crafting your introduction, draw an outline detailing all the relevant ideas that could be used to identify your paper. 

For instance, highlight some background information on the topic to help the reader establish the gap your essay intends to address. With an outline, you can better organize your introduction for easy transitioning between ideas and also avoid any conflicting ideas that could sidetrack you from your topic. 

  1. Make use of an alluring hook

Whether you are on the ‘flowery language’ bandwagon or the ‘serious talk’ team, your essay could use a nice hook to grasp the reader’s attention. The hook to your paper needs not to be an endless narration of irrelevant facts but rather a concise summary showing the importance of your essay. 

For instance, you could use rhetorical questions or share a fact that shows the seriousness of your topic, before you transition to the thesis statement. Communicating the importance of the topic will push your audience to interact with your paper further to establish your solution to the problem highlighted within the hook. 

  1. Summarize your essay into a statement

An introduction lacking a thesis statement is bound to be criticized in the academic context. The thesis statement is a summary of your work which helps give the reader a gist of your approach to analyzing your essay topic. 

If you are having a hard time summarizing your work, ask yourself the question: What is my stance on the subject? For instance, if your paper is advocating using tech in teaching-learning to maximize learning outcomes, your thesis statement could be: the use of tech in teaching-learning can maximize learning outcomes as compared to traditional approaches. 

When this statement has been defined, it will give your work a trajectory, also helping the reader to determine the information they might encounter in your essay. 

  1. Share your argument’s structure

If you are writing a long paper, we recommend that you end your introduction by giving the reader a signpost of the chronology of ideas within your paper. Keep this section brief and only tackle the main ideas as they appear within your paper. 

For instance:

This essay will begin by analyzing the relationship between tech and improved retention. Afterwards, we will look at ways through which tech can be integrated into teaching-learning and some of the challenges and their solutions. Finally, we will highlight our stance on the topic in light of various trends and suggest ways to maximize the use of tech without its detrimental effects. 

  1. Edit

The completion of your introduction draft is a feat deserving of celebration. However, the first draft is often far from your ideal introduction. Therefore, take time to revise your introduction to ensure that it gives a clear summary of your paper. 

Take time to compare your introduction to the paper outline to determine any information that has been omitted from your work. Finally, consider engaging an expert to get suggestions for improving your introduction to achieve the intended effect of this chapter. 

Final Take: How to Write an Essay

If poorly approached, the process of writing an essay introduction can prove to be a tedious chore. These tips should come in handy to help overcome various writing challenges and create an engaging introduction that bids your reader to interact with your essay further. 

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