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17 Best Project Management Software You Need In 2023

Every business needs a manager to look after projects and tasks in each department. Be it sales, manufacturing or any other part of the company, the importance of a project manager is high as he reports back with results. The duties of a project manager (read more about responsibilities here), include making a project-relevant plan, executing it and keeping an eye on the process.

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The project manager completely undertakes the tasks to delegate authority and responsibilities among team members so that the projects are completed on time and without any errors. He ensures that the actions of workers go as directed and are well within agreed reporting structures.

Plus, points of management tools

The burden on the project manager is pretty high, making it important to get a helping hand, and now you can use software to ease up a manager’s workload. You can find many different tools across the internet to get cross-functional working efforts and simplified teamwork. It helps in assigning and also makes sure that regular updates are collected from members of the team, which makes it easier for the manager to supervise everything.

Top-notch management software

We will enlist some of the best management tools you can use in 2023 to lower burden of tasks and strengthen efficiency at work:


It is enlisted within the names of software that lets you handle projects like a piece of cake. You can use the online Gantt chart creator on the online website of GanttPRO for easier analysis of performance of the team participants. The charts not only help check team progress but also maintain and authorize.

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Unlimited project creation and goal-setting with baselines while sharing the same using public URLs is allowed to the users. It has full fledged packages helping the managers to work with comfort and ease.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project allows users to set realistic goals for employees and customers through schedules, budgets and source distribution. Users are allowed to set up a variety of assignments and make sure that work progress is checked on time.

It makes work management effortless and lets the users focus on all dynamics of the current tasks. Additionally, it is available for users at a monthly payment of $ 7 per user. The low cost makes it one of the most affordable tools for simpler and more convenient task handling.


It stands out by providing user access to handle tasks of all sizes. There is a free plan available that allows 10-user access with full features. A sophisticated user view and basic cooperation options help the tool to stand among the simplest software used for management.

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A few crucial features you get in this tool also come along with unlimited collaborative notes, Gantt, calendar, table views and Kanban. Inbuilt email features make it incredible, along with native chat messaging. It offers 200 MB of free storage.

Zoho Projects

The logo of this platform may seem childish, but it has next-level administration qualities. It possesses incredible tools for marketing and sales tasks with several strong add-ons. Secure cloud storage is an addition to some basic features like CRM, visual assistant and meeting tools.

It provides a free user experience of 3 hours after signup and is suitable for micro teams. In case you have a team of more than three people, the premium plan has to be purchased, which is available at a cost of $10 per user a month.


Simplicity and ease of use are the important factors that you get in it. It works conveniently with micro level teams and companies making it suitable for them as well as freelancers.

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Kanban-style layout presents things in the form of visuals, which allows easy understanding even for beginners to task management. It offers free services that contain non-limit cards and members, which makes it affordable. To get all the premium qualities and fuller potential, a premium upgrade can be owned for $5 a month.


It is a tool that is popular as an absolute behemoth for task management with its paid user options. It offers boundless PM capacity and various other premium services. On the top of it, you get plenty with the free version so that you can full up all small-scale organizational requirements making the tool suitable for every manager.


It helps to infuse a high level of automation in teamwork and has easy-to-use low-code solutions. Collaborative task applications and tracking workflow are very easy with the airtable software. This tool allows the user to integrate their profiles with social handles like Facebook, Twitter, and google workspace.

There are different view types available, including Gantt charts, calendar views and Kanban Boards.


Wrike is popular among small and mid-size organization managers. It allows features such as flexibility along with drag-and-drop Gantt charts which makes it easier to keep an eye on all updates of the ongoing work. User tagging, in-app commenting and proofing modules allow easier and more convenient working.

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Easy KPI management, and you can have native and third-party applications used to complete goals, is an incredible thing about it. Its premium plan allows unlimited user access and has cloud services inclusion by way of apps like Microsoft Office 365, google cloud services, dropbox and much more.

It has free user access for up to 5 people with options like dependency trailing, task organization, and application integration with software like Slack, Jira, Asana and more. It is supported in iOS and Android and can be used for the purpose of social media handling, educational webinar and customer relationship projects.


Asana allows full services for up to 11 team members. It comes with a trail plan providing 15 collaborations, and the user is offered free task creation, messages and activity logs.

There is endless storage available with a 100MB limit per file. It helps streamline and pipelining the work and, at the same time, helps in spotting bottlenecks and backlogs. The premium membership plans start at $10.99.


It is quite recognized as it has sophisticated trailing and coordination options. It allows additional options such as risk assessment, multiple app collaborations, meeting organization, bug finding and Gantt charting.

The basic subscription for this tool is unpaid and includes non-restricted workspaces with endless to-do lists. The premium features can be availed by managers by paying $3.


It helps in keeping a bird’s eye on productivity and growth. Task management infused in high lucidity, agility and motivation is a distinctive thing in this tool. GoodDay allows easy-to-make customizations to meet the needs of every user through all the necessary options like including Gantt charts, Kanban and Calendar Views.

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Free access is allowed for teams consisting of 15 members, and paid access is available for $4 per user a month.

Meister Task

Meister has plenty of new and convenient to use options for people who are new to managerial positions. The basic plan has options to make personalized Kanban boards while the collaborations are limited.

It has easy-to-use task cards and allows attachment uploads of up to 20MB for sharing among the members working in the team on this platform. For the premium features on this tool, the upgrade plan starts at $8.25 a month.


Among small-scale managers, business owners and freelancers, Indy is a recognized tool. It allows free options such as proposal charts and readymade forms, messages and invoice formats.

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Inbuilt conversation features with an intuitive time table and tracking is there for managers to check their work and record on-time changes. The paid membership is available for $6.75 for 30d days and allows Zapier amalgamations, an automated workforce and space of 1TB.


It is management software available for managers working at startups and small-scale trams and businesses. It is a simple to-do list and allows automated progressive reporting.

It is easy to use and can also be used by people as guests and makes it easier to invite clients to join specific projects. Users can integrate Nifty with many other applications like Zoom, Teams, Google Video Calls and Workspace.


It is a completely free task check tool that is usable in many developing small-scale businesses. Plaky offers a user-friendly interface that allows customizable options for maintaining a better workflow within the team. Additional features include unlimited user access, editable templates, time-tracking integration and much more.


This tool has a robust free membership plan and allows different project views, tags, dependencies, unlimited task list templates and collaborative team chats. Teamwork offers next-level connectivity within the team to work in setups like hybrid and remote as per the task requirements. Additionally, there is a billable time tracking, estimated time and user rates tracker with customizations.

Final words: Best Project Management Software

When there are thousands of management tools available, it can be challenging to keep track of all the latest tools. But, the ones mentioned in the blog post offer a wide range of features allowing managers to keep complete control of the project and avoid any deviations from the path to desired results in 2023 and beyond.

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