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How Mobile Application Development Contributes to Startup Growth?

Are you aspiring to be your own boss? Do you want your idea to become a reality? If yes, there are various resources through which you can accomplish whatever you have thought of. Having a unique idea is not enough to build an exclusive business, there are a lot many factors that come in between and contribute throughout the journey.

Before launching any startup idea into the real world, you should have comprehensive knowledge and understanding about your industry, audience, geographical and financial strategies to grow your business.

With emerging business opportunities, the use of mobile app development has massively increased and it is one of the major areas that need consideration to build a successful venture.

Let’s have a look at the data:

Total number of emerging Entrepreneurs: around 480 million (worldwide)
Total number of startups: 305 million (annually)
Out of these numbers, only 135 are tech startups
75% of startups are owned by the male while 25% are owned by the female
The failure rate of the startup is about 44% (last 4 years)
For obvious reasons, every entrepreneur is always looking forward to making his/her startup successful in the market and results come with a lot of hard work and investment of time and money.

How to Begin?

In the startup ecosystem, having a business app has become essential and mobile app development demands huge investment that makes entrepreneurs think about a lot of things before making a decision.

Hence, these are the several questions that an entrepreneur should ask themselves before jumping into the field.

What is the purpose of your startup?
Why does your startup need an app?
How to execute the idea?
Whether choose Android or iOS for app development?
How much you should invest?
Why Do You Need Mobile App For Startup Growth?

More than 70 percent of the population owns a smartphone and every now and then we hear “There is an app for that!” It is quite thrilling to know that these apps serve almost all business purposes. Hence, there are multiple reasons for having a mobile app for your startup, let’s look at the benefits.

Digital Presence

According to the survey, on average a person spends 162 minutes on a smartphone in a day, and having an app has become one of the essential factors for the growth of your startup. Especially for millennials, apps are the medium to consume information and taking action. If your business app comes in a way of your potential customer, it would bring excellent results.

Wide Accessibility

In the 18th Century, It was difficult to reach out to your target audience through different places, but digitization made it possible. Yes, through a business mobile app, you can allow your customers to explore and interact with your products and services anytime, anywhere they want. Hence, you can drive more customers towards your startup through a mobile app.

Push Notifications

A notification has the potential to grab our attention. Right? Hence, it is one of the best ways to share information with your users about any upcoming events, offers or discounts. It is one convenient ways to market your business and attract customers to avail of your services.

Enhanced User Experience

The success of a mobile app is purely dependent on the user experience. If users find it difficult to use your app, they won’t think twice before uninstalling it. So, make sure you choose the best mobile development service provider who can create a masterpiece with intuitive design and eye-catching features that satisfies every requirement of the potential user.


Unlike web applications, mobile applications offer a huge amount of personalization. A mobile app allows your users to access payment systems, geo-location alerts, and better options that provide ease and comfort to the users. Having said that, a mobile app is ought to give an exclusive user experience.

Mobile App Development is a future-ready solution to your startup. It will help you maintain a strong footprint in the industry. As matter of fact, mobile app development isn’t as simple as website development, because you need to look for a competent mobile development service provider who has extensive knowledge and understanding of the coding languages and should be familiar with the emerging technological trends. In all, if you own a startup then, having a mobile app for your business will take you to the successful journey and bring you potential growth and opportunities.

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