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4 Tips for Evaluating Property Management Website Templates

Property managers provide a number of valuable services to owners. They take on tasks like screening applicants, collecting rents, and even arranging for any repairs or updates that need to be done to the rental properties. That makes the need for higher quality property management website templates apparent. If you operate a property management firm or offer property management as part of your real estate services, here are some of the qualities that you want in a template for your website.

The Ability to Customize Colors

Most templates will come with a basic color scheme as well as some stock images. Those may work find for what you have in mind. Even so, it pays to invest in a template that will you change the color scheme and insert your own images. Ideally, this can be done even if you don’t have a lot of experience with creating web pages.

Choosing to customize the colors and images does allow you to make the page more personal and still remain professional. It’s possible to add images of the properties that you manage, and maybe ensure the colors work well with the company’s logo or the type of fonts you want to use for each page.

Submitting Applications

Being set up to receive applications online is a wonderful service to offer. Consider templates that allow you to create an application that can be filled out and submitted with relative ease. An alternative is a link that will allow interested parties to download a secure PDF document that they can fill out and email to your firm. With either approach, make sure there’s contact information that the applicant can use if there are any questions about how to fill out the document.

Remitting Rental Fees

Making it easier to pay the rent is good for everyone involved. That’s why you want a template that will allow you to set up access to some sort of online payment processor. It could be something as simple as a link to a service, or you could design a page that allows the tenant to enter debit, credit, or checking account information into secure fields for processing. It’s a good idea to have a link on each page that will allow the site visitor to get to the remittance page without having to return to the home page first.

Reporting the Need for Repairs

Property managers are often called upon to manage repairs to the properties they manage. At times, they also handle the arrangements for cleaning or painting units before a new tenant moves in. If you focus your search on property management website templates that make it easy for tenants to report the need for cleaning or some sort of repair, keeping those tasks organized will be a lot simpler. That in turn helps to reduce turnover with the units, since tenants who are happy with their apartments and the support they receive are less likely to look for another place to live.

These are only some of the basics that you want in a property management website template, but you get the idea. The focus is on ease of use, organization, and communication. If the template helps you manage these three areas, it’s worth considering.

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