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7 Marketing Automation Tools for Fast Business Growth

Growing your business in today’s hyper-competitive landscape seems challenging. Automating critical processes can increase efficiency and save time. Marketing automation tools can help you make data-driven decisions and ensure better business outcomes. 

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The right marketing automation tool can help you reduce the time and effort required to interact with your customers. Let’s review some of the best tools to turbo-charge your business growth.  

How can marketing automation help your business?

Automating your marketing can streamline several repetitive tasks. Here are a few examples:

  • Improve your lead management
  • Reduce your marketing expenditure
  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Segment your customers better

In addition, you can also optimize your entire marketing function from start to finish. 

What is a Marketing Automation Tool?

You can use marketing automation tools to automate different processes. The tool allows you to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously. You can set up various campaigns across platforms, covering email and website marketing. 

The tool will analyze customer data on your behalf. You will receive key insights into client behavior, which you can use to engage customers and market your brand effectively. 

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You need to determine the type of marketing function you want to automate using a tool. According to SEMrush, email marketing automation tools are the most popular. 

7 Marketing Automation Tools for Fast Business Growth 1

Consider the needs of your business and the processes you are investing extensive time and effort into. Automate the monotonous tasks to save time. At the same time, you can receive valuable insights that will allow you to make better decisions. 

Best marketing automation tools

Let’s review some top marketing automation tools. We will analyze their features and capabilities to help you pick the right one: is a comprehensive platform that optimizes several marketing and lead generation processes. It is one of the best email marketing automation tools, allowing you to set up email drip campaigns. The tool automatically follows up with leads and nurtures them through the sales funnel.

7 Marketing Automation Tools for Fast Business Growth 2 also offers tools for lead generation and CRM integration. These features make it easier to manage customer relationships and interact with them efficiently. 


  • Comprehensive email verification features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to integrate CRM


  • Limited capabilities (email and CRM are the key features)


This powerful tool is suitable for email marketing. You can easily automate cold emails and follow-up reminders. Track customer interactions seamlessly with the CRM to enhance your relationship with customers. 

7 Marketing Automation Tools for Fast Business Growth 3


  • Advanced email campaign automation
  • Easy CRM integration
  • Detailed analytics


  • Advanced features are expensive
  • Difficult to use for beginners

Sender offers both SMS and email marketing capabilities. Track performance easily and get detailed analytics via the platform’s dashboard. Nurturing leads and converting them into long-term customers becomes simpler with this tool. 

7 Marketing Automation Tools for Fast Business Growth 4

The standout feature of this tool is the drag-and-drop email builder. With Sender, you can create emails that pique curiosity and are visually appealing. 


  • Affordable tool, ideal for SMBs
  • Offers both SMS and email marketing
  • Provides advanced analytics
  • Easy to use with a drag-and-drop email builder


  • Lacks advanced automation workflows 
  • Limited features as compared to the top digital marketing automation tools


The aptly named Omnisend is an omni-channel marketing automation tool for e-commerce businesses. This platform allows you to automate email, SMS, and social media marketing. You can create a comprehensive strategy to target customers via multiple touchpoints. 

7 Marketing Automation Tools for Fast Business Growth 5


  • Supports multi-channel marketing
  • Enables A/B testing
  • Ideal for measuring e-commerce metrics


  • Slightly expensive
  • Requires extensive learning


Oracle designed Eloqua, a comprehensive tool for facilitating complex marketing campaigns. It is ideal for large organizations. 

7 Marketing Automation Tools for Fast Business Growth 6


  • Integrates seamlessly with CRM
  • Enables sophisticated marketing campaigns
  • Comprehensive analytics


  • Not suitable for SMBs
  • Requires extensive training


Automizy offers a visual email builder that enhances the performance of your email marketing campaign. This platform is easy to use and enables businesses to upgrade their email marketing without extensive learning. 

7 Marketing Automation Tools for Fast Business Growth 7


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Enhanced A/B testing
  • Detailed analytics
  • Creates visually-appealing emails


  • Only suitable for email marketing
  • Lacks advanced features


Perhaps the most well-known email marketing automation tool, Mailchimp, is easy to use and versatile. Its numerous features allow you to diversify your marketing efforts. 

7 Marketing Automation Tools for Fast Business Growth 8


  • Extensive library of email templates
  • A comprehensive range of integrations
  • Easy to use
  • Covers multi-channel marketing efforts


  • Premium features cost an extra
  • Low-priced plans offer limited capabilities

Marketing automation best practices

Make the most of any marketing automation tools by following these best practices:

  • Set Clear Goals: Define your end goal, such as lead generation. Set up campaigns and performance tracking accordingly. The results will enable you to make data-driven decisions that are more likely to yield results. 
  • Optimize Your Campaigns: Test each component of your campaign. A/B testing can be effective in gaining insights into how your emails are performing. Based on the results, optimize the copy. 
  • Segment Your Audience: Create personalized messages for each customer group you are targeting. Tailor your marketing to appeal to each segment. Depending on the nature of your business, you can segment your audience by gender or age. 
  • Measure Results: Set up the analytics dashboard to track your campaign’s performance against different metrics. For example, in email marketing, you can track open rates and conversion rates. Focus on the campaign delivering better results and optimize the one that is not. 

Leverage additional features of the marketing automation tool that you are using. Integrating CRM can prove helpful in this regard. 

Wrap up

Marketing automation tools can help your business grow quickly. Determine your end goal and select a tool accordingly. Follow best practices to get the most value for your investment.  

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